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Two New Awards Bestowed

January 26, 2015

number1RTN Roofing won the 2014 Chairman's AwardAt the recent Duro-Last National Sales Seminar in Galveston, Texas, RTN Roofing Systems was awarded with a truly prestigious honor - the Chairman's Award for outstanding workmanship in the achievement of sales exceeding 1,000,000. This is a truly remarkable feat, considering that RTN installs other single-ply and roof restoration systems.

It is a mark of quality when you combine such an award with the many other awards and achievements bestowed upon RTN Roofing systems over its many years of operation.

number2It was announced prior to the annual Duro-Last National Sales Seminar in Galveston, Texas this past January that RTN Roofing Systems has been honored with the highest contractor achievement of Platinum Contractor. See the official Duro-Last Press Release from February 6, 2015 (PDF).

guettler mitch sm

This is a new designation recently adopted by Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. to honor the best of the best. Previously it was the Elite Contractor status that designated the platinumContractor 2014highest contractor achievement. However, beginning with 2015, the highest contractor achievement is now vested in the new Platinum Contractor designation. The first year of its availability, RTN Roofing has achieved the Platinum Contractor level. And when you couple that with the previous 14 years of Elite status, which was the highest level up to and including 2014, it can rightly be said that RTN Roofing has been awarded with the highest contractor honors for 15 consecutive years.

Mitch Guettler, Duro-Last Roofing's Quality Assurance Manager, says that the Platinum Contractor status demonstrates a contractor who "consistently installs the Duro-Last system with an exceptional attention to quality." In fact, to even be considered for this prestigious contractor status, the average grade for all combined commercial installations must be 95% and above.

"RTN Roofing Systems consistently installs the Duro-Last system with an exceptional attention to quality."

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