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Our goal in our RTN newsletters is to help educate you on roofing best practices and to give you information that will enable you to make the best decisions possible in behalf of your roof, whether for your home or that of your company's facility.

This information is geared toward ultimately saving you money.  Remember: Knowledge is Power!


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RTN is a Certified Installer for Final Flat Roof

November/December 2012 - Due to all the activities taking place during the holiday season we wanted to condense and limit the content for this month's newsletter. We felt it a good time to announce our new status as authorized installers of one of the most versatile and highest-quality products in the roofing industry - Final Flat Roof K-1 (FFR K-1). You've just got to check this product out.

October 2012 - Since winter can be very hard on your roof, it is important to make sure your roof is ready to handle the extremes common to our winter climate. In order to know for sure if your roof is ready for winter it is imperative to first understand how the snow, ice, and fluctuating temperatures of a Colorado winter work together to wreak havoc on your roof, which can potentially and unnecessarily costing you thousands of dollars.

September 2012 - While on the surface safety seems like it's a no-brainer; just do it! However, there is a reality to safety as it relates to the construction industry that is often overlooked: It's true cost. Some contractors cut corners on safety in order to keep costs down. Many business owners never fully appreciate the liability of working with a contractor that doesn't have a high regard for safety. This article delves into some of the nuances that should govern the evaluation of your next roofing project and who you contract to do it. Safety matters, more than you may realize.

August 2012 - The fight of the century! Who will win? Who should win? What does it mean for you? As we look at the importance and the differences between product quality and that of workmanship, we help answer those questions for you. This month's newsletter is geared to helping you determine how to achieve getting the best value out of your next roofing project. You can only determine that if you fully understand how product quality, workmanship, and price relate to each other.

July 2012 - Not all warranties are created equal. In fact, comparing warranties between different roofing products is often a highly-effective way of determining which product to spend your hard-earned money on. Some warranties have hidden costs and requirements that add significantly to your bottom line. Don't make the mistake of just "accepting" what you think may be a good warranty. Take the time to evaluate your options. In this month's newsletter article, we tell you what to look for and how to evaluate your warranty options.

December 2011 - This last newsletter hurrah of the 2011 season delves into a subject that is often overlooked, yet surprisingly important. If misunderstood or improperly implemented, it can (most likely will) create additional costs, durability problems and many other unfortunate outcomes. What is it? If in the market for a new roof - whether new construction or re-roofing an existing one - it is critical to know whether your new roof will be mechanically-attached or fully-adhered. Find out the differences and why it matters what you choose.

October 2011 - If your roof ever gets damaged by wind, hail, or another storm-related event, would you know what to do? The insurance claims process can be very complicated. But it doesn't need to be. Understanding how the process is supposed to work can give you the knowledge you need to navigate the insurance maze and get what your policy entitles you to. In this October 2011 newsletter we provide insight into this otherwise difficult process.

June 2011 - What really is roof restoration and how can it save me money on my roof revitalization efforts? How long is too long to wait before a restoration system can no longer be viable? The answers to those questions and much more is packed into our June 2011 newsletter. Enjoy!

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May 2011 - With so many different types of roofing systems on the market today, what one should you spend your money on? In this month's newsletter we tackle the question, Which Is a Better Roofing System - TPO, EPDM, or PVC? Anyone in the market for a new roof should consider this article closely.

November 2010 through April 2011 - I lost my keys.

October 2010 - A buzz word in all areas of the construction industry is "sustainability." This month's newsletter article highlights what sustainability is and how it can be achieved with specific roofing strategies.

August and September 2010 - Web site revamp.

July 2010 - This month's newsletter highlights some of the issues that property owners would be wise to consider as they look for the right contractor for their summertime building revitalization needs.

June 2010 - Summer Break.

RTN is a Certified Applicator of the WetSuit SystemMay 2010 - RTN announces their newly-authorized status as an exclusive installer of the most unique roofing product on the market today - the WetSuit fluid-applied monolithic roofing membrane.

April 2010 - Many property owners find themselves in a quandary.  They want to address the needs of their building, but economic uncertainty creates apprehension. And since money doesn't grow on trees, what is a property owner to do?  We will consider some insights from a contractor's point of view that may help you overcome costly indecision.

March 2010 - Spring Break - Taking a month off.

February 2010 - Do not underestimate the cost and quality benefits of a restorative roof coating.  We address some of the common concerns of roof restoration with the facts, giving you the ability to make an informed decision regarding your roofing needs.

January 2010 - We ease back into the grind with a brief article on the cost-saving benefits of solar power.  (Part 1)  Did you know that you can actually make money with solar power?

December 2009 - N/A - Take a break and enjoy the holidays.

November 2009 - Is a thicker roofing membrane really better than a thinner one?  How does cost relate to this issue?

October 2009 - Is a black roof in the winter better than a white roof in the summer?  This newsletter helps to unveil the controversy.  We also discuss one of the most important aspects of addressing your roofing needs - the roofing contractor.

September 2009 - We discuss how your roof is affected in cold-weather climates, how roof restoration can save you money while helping the environment, and why "hail" is a 4-letter word.