We strive to constantly improve our Web site and the content provided for both our current and future customers. Major updates and/or changes are listed here.

Please view the following table for the most recent, major site updates, changes, and revisions. Not all changes are listed here, nor are changes that are primarily design in nature. But new or revised content, features, and areas of interest will be listed here. The most recent additions are listed at the top.

Date of ChangeDescription of Change
Minor changes and upgrades were made to the entire site. Normally such revisions would not be included here. However, some of these changes might effect the content you are used to seeing. As such, instead of making you think you're loosing you mind, we figured we'd confirm that any changes you're seeing are for real.
A user of the site pointed out a problem on the articles page where the animations that scrolled from category heading to category heading was causing the page content to jump up and down. This was caused because each category had a different number of articles. But it made reading the articles nearly impossible with a mobile device. This was fixed by removing the animation. You will now need to specifically click on each of the categories you are interested in to see the related article titles beneath.
Our corporate "Sweets" brochure has been added to our Web site for viewing and downloading. You can find the download link on the About Us page (see first paragraph). It can also be found in the Do Your Homework! sidebar on the Why Choose RTN page.
RTN Roofing Systems has been bestowed with 2 new honors; i.e., The Chairman's Club award and the designation of Platinum Contractor by Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. - two of the highest honors possible. To find out more about these awards, please visit our awards and achievements and/or latest news page.
New privacy and terms of use policies have been added to the Web site. You can find them in the footer of each page, next to the copyright information.
The slideshow Invisible Signs of Damage was added to the RTNroofing Home page as well as to our Inspections page.
This slideshow was designed to illustrate how much damage can actually occur to a roof before there are any visible signs underneath.
The intent is to highlight the importance for owners and facility mangers to be proactive in caring for their roofs so that any problems are caught early and thus help to avoid the very real possibility that unseen damage gets to a point of no return, and leave them with limited and more expensive options. There are often less expensive remedies to address roofing needs if decision-makers act quickly and not wait too long.
Our new Web site at RTNroofing was launched to the world.
Our new Web site RTNroofing was moved from local servers to development servers online for review and debugging. The new site should be live within the next couple of weeks.

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