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A roof recovery generally describes the process of leaving an existing roofing system in-place and installing a new roofing system on top of it. The term “recovery” is often used interchangeably with the term “overlay.”
The term reroof is a catchall term that refers to either (1) roof replacement or (2) recovery/overlay. So a reroofing project could be a replacement scenario in which some form of tear-off is required or it could be a recovery scenario in which the exiting roofing system remains in-place and a new roofing system is installed on top of it.
roof replacement
A roof replacement generally describes the process of removing one or more existing roofing systems before installing a new roofing system in its/their place.
roof restoration
A roof restoration generally describes the process of restoring a roof to a like-new condition by enhancing its appearance, watertightness, and performance against the elements, and is usually accomplished by the installation of a fluid-applied membrane or elastomeric coating.

VOCs stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, which are gasses that are emitted from certain liquids and solids that can be harmful to one's health.