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Does Your Warranty Have You Covered?

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Does Your Warranty Have You Covered?

    • As part of our proposal process, we make sure that each of our prospective customers has a copy of any warranty being entertained.

      In fact, usually long before a proposal is developed, our sales representatives clarify the needs of the owner, discuss warranty options, and provide samples (with explanations) of the warranty options available.

    • When a manufacturer's warranty is not available; i.e., repair work, RTN Roofing will provide a workmanship warranty that protects the owner from mistakes due to installation error.

      When a manufacturer's warranty is provided, the manufacturer is on the hook to the building owner for the term of the warranty. But RTN Roofing is still on the hook to the manufacturer for the first 2 years. This ensures that we will never pass the buck on our workmanship. We have a vested interest in doing the job right the first time.

    • As mentioned previously, our sales representatives are engaged in the process of informing our prospective customers to the fullest extent possible. This certainly covers a full explanation of the warranty options available - along with the pros and cons of each respective warranty.

      Furthermore, we provide significant education on our Web site regarding various roofing issues. In fact, one of our most read and sought after articles addresses this very issue of warranty coverage. Learn more by reading that article yourself.

    • Some contractors hide warranty information, possibly only promoting a fancy sounding title or warranty term. But RTN Roofing makes sure you have what you need to know exactly what you are getting.

      Not only do we include clear warranty language in our proposals, but we also provide a sample of the warranty for review, as well as make a concerted effort to educate owners about the pros and cons of the warranty as well as a full discussion about what the warranty covers and does not cover. You're never left in the dark.

Summary: Too many times a warranty is graded solely on its term length. But there is a lot more to consider. How much does your warranty cover? Does it include consequential damages? Does it exclude ponding water? Is it prorated, leaving you with far less coverage than the term may imply? Pick a roofing contractor that understands the nuances of manufacturer's warranties and will assist you to know the facts.