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Is Safety a Top Priority?

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Is Safety a Top Priority?

    • If a roofing contractor is really concerned about safety, then chances are they will tell you and provide you with some evidence to that effect.

      A contractor that does not market safety - or has it buried to a bullet point or two here and there - may be demonstrating a general lack of concern for this important issue. Be sure to consider only roofing contractors that actively demonstrate a high regard for safety.

      RTN Roofing Systems is very concerned about safety. Learn more.

    • In addition to our regular weekly safety meetings, we conduct project-specific safety meetings before each and every new project.

      These additional project-specific safety meetings are built around a safety plan that has been designed for that specific project. Each project receives its own unique safety plan in order to include items of particular interest and that are most relevant for that particular project.

    • Each of our employees is required to take OSHA classes. Not only do some of our projects require only OSHA-certified employees, but it's just sound safety practice to educate its personnel to be as safety conscious as possible.

      This approach protects our employees. But it also protects the property and liability of our valued customers.

    • As mentioned above in a previous question, we conduct project-specific safety meetings before each and every new project that focuses on a safety plan that has been developed and designed for each specific project.

    • Each and every one of our proposals includes language regarding our attention to safety and how we intend on achieving the best results in implementing our project-specific safety plan.

Summary: Does the roofing contractor you are considering doing business with take a casual approach to safety or is it of the utmost concern? There are many "tells" that can help you determine how seriously your contractor views safety. Roofing is a dangerous professional and you should only do business with a roofing contractor that truly puts safety ahead of profit.