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Experienced and Certified Roof Consultants

RTN Roofing Systems has been in the commercial and industrial roofing business since about 1982, with a focus on single-ply roofing solutions since 1984. To date, we have almost 20 million square feet of new roofing systems installed.

jefflozon ws Jeffrey S. Lozon
President / CEO / Consultant Jeff Lozon Haag Certification Number and Seal

With nearly 4 decades of flat, commercial roofing experience, Jeff brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table. He has worn all the “hats” of the trade – from installer to CEO, and everything in between. Jeff moved from Florida to Colorado in 1996 and has continued to expand his profession ever since by a deliberate focus on implementing new technologies for unparalleled customer satisfaction and an adherence to the highest standards of safety, ethics, and professionalism.

Jeff is a Haag-Certified Inspector (HCI) Number 201311203

jeffBess ws Jeff Bess
VP of Operations / Consultant Jeff Bess' Haag Certification Number and Seal

Starting out in his grandfather’s roofing company about 30 years ago in Oregon, Jeff has worked with almost every roofing challenge and product imaginable. Jeff ’s problem-solving skills are based on a long career of real-life and practical “hands-on” experience. Roof consulting has become second nature to him and he continues to educate himself on all the latest advances in the industry.

Jeff is a Haag-Certified Inspector (HCI) Number 201304200

Roof Consulting Services

Our commercial roofing consulting services include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Specification development
  • "Apples to Apples" comparision of 3rd-party bids, including product specifications, installation methods, scope of work, warranty, logistics, etc.
  • Life-cycle cost analysis for short- and long-term budget efforts
  • Comprehensive inspection reports with detailed, but actionable recommendations for both remedial and emergency deficiency repairs, reroofs (overlay), replacements, and restoration
  • Roof restoration analysis
  • Evaluation of safety concerns and implementation of proper safety plans to protect employees and 3rd-party contractors
  • Damage assessment from storms or long-term exposure to the elements
  • Code compliance evaluation and implementation for both local and industry jurisdictions
  • Insurance work mitigation and collection facilitation
  • Drainage design
  • Facilitation of installation of new roofing and restoration systems

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