Arriving at the best decision in how to properly care for your roof starts with a thorough investigation. Whether you're looking to sell or renovate your facility, we can provide a clear assessment of existing conditions

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Don't Wait Too Long to Address Your Roofing Needs

Don't Wait Too Long

Are you selling or buying a commercial building? Are you experiencing roof leaks to your flat, commercial building? Or do you just want to stay proactive and make sure you address roof problems before they get out of control? In any case, your best first step is often to get a rooftop inspection.

But if you look at a roof inspection as just a perfunctory effort to keep your insurance or mortgage company happy, then you may be missing the importance of it. That's not uncommon, however, especially in the commercial roofing industry. Commercial roofs are usually flat, which means you can't see them from the ground. You end up spending a lot of time inside a building that is being protected by a roof you never see.

Unfortunately this scenario leads to an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. You never think of the importance of your roof until it is failing. But by the time you experience evidence of a roofing problem; i.e., a roof leak, the problem may be far more extensive than that isolate leak may seem to indicate.

Got Leaks?

A leaky roof could betray a much larger problem. On the other hand, it may just be a leak, which could be addressed with minimal effort and expense.

Let RTN Roofing be your advocate and help you to address your roofing needs in the best way possible.

Your Options
an Inspection

Insights Into Invisible Damage - A Slideshow

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Slide 1: No Visible Signs of Damage Slide 2: Damage Begins Without Any Visible Signs Slide 3: Major and Significant Damage Occurs, But Still No Visible Signs Slide 4: By the Time Visible Damage Occurs, Your Roof Has Massive Damage

Waiting Will Only Cost You More

An isolated roof leak that has finally found its way through to your ceiling may have already caused untold damage to much or your roofing system above. Most roofing systems are absorbent, meaning that water that finds it way through the outer, protective layer may begin to destroy much of your roofing system before water ever finds its way through your ceiling. This could take weeks, months, or even years - exponentially causing irreparable damage.

The only way to ensure that you stay ahead of that curve is to be proactive. A repair and maintenance program that is properly designed for your specific roofing scenario is a great solution. But how do you determine what the best repair and maintenance approach is going to be? How do you determine how much you must invest now in order to prevent spending exponentially more in the future? Usually it starts with a thorough rooftop inspection by a qualified commercial roofing contractor.

We can tailor an inspection to fit your budget. From a generic run-of-the-mill inspection with a few pictures and a paragraph or two with overall observations and recommendations, to a detailed, itemized report that includes pictures of specific deficiencies, the number of deficiencies, an explanation of the seriousness, the extent, and a detailed explanation of both the corrective actions recommended and the costs to implement them - either on a per item basis or as part of a lump sum proposal.

Whether you're buying or selling your building, whether you have current roofing problems, or if you just want to stay ahead of the all-important expense curve, give us a call to schedule your rooftop inspection. You get what you pay for, so be sure not to take shortcuts.