Onsite Project Management

Stay in the loop regarding your important roofing project. As the professional and technologically-advanced roofing contractor that we are, you'll always be in the know.

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How You Stay in the Loop

Even before your roofing project starts, you'll be properly informed. You'll know when your roof is to be loaded, when your roof work will begin, and when it will be completed. Maybe even more important, you'll be kept in the know during the duration of the project. That way you'll be able to accurately gauge our progress - with photos and descriptions to prove it. We really bring the roof to you.

How We Do It

Our ability to keep you in the loop every step of the way is because we leverage advanced technology through the use of our unique Onsite Project Management system. It's as easy as...

Number 1

Our dedicated foremen take daily photos, documenting the job and its progress.

Number 2The photos are uploaded into our management system and useful descriptions are added.

Number 3An OPM report is generated, including the photos and descriptions, which is then emailed to the customer.

Benefits of Our Unique OPM Reports

  • We Maintain Accountability to You
  • We Provide You with Complete Transparency of Our Work
  • There Are No Additional Costs
  • You Stay in the Loop Every Step of the Way
  • You Can Get Visual Confirmation with Before & After Photos
  • The OPM Report Can Be Sent to Anyone You Want

Access OPM Flyer

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