Roof Asset Management

Since improperly maintained roofing systems are the leading cause of premature failure, it's important to get control of your roof now and avoid the crisis management approach.

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CRM wsWith our unique CRM - the Commercial Roof Management system offered exclusively by RTN Roofing Systems - we can offer our customers a cloud-based portal to access real-time information on their property, regardless of location or time.


With our CRM system, you can...

  • Access your information anywhere at any time
  • View easily understandable and comprehensive reports
  • Easily identify budget and asset management needs
  • View and print out any of your uploaded documents found within your Attachment Library
  • Gain access to many helpful management tools and features


Our CRM system gives you control of your entire roof asset portfolio. Whether you have one building or hundreds, you will be able to take control of your assets. Our roof technicians provide accurate inspection data with pricing, which is all thoroughly evaluated by our team of consultants. This empowers building owners and property managers to swiftly create accurate repair and replacement (capital improvement) budgets for their facilities. 

Ultimately this will allow you to effectively manage your roofing assets, and help you to prolong your roof ’s lifespan and forecast when maintenance funds or capital investment expenditures are necessary. In addition, you are able to upload warranties, CAD drawings, or any other important document, and securely store them in the cloud.

For longer-term projects, such as roof replacements, our CRM system will provide you with daily progress reports that include both photos and descriptive updates - keeping you in the loop.

A new roof leak requires a quick response. Our CRM system's one-click Service Dispatch feature allows FedEx-style tracking of leak resolution and project management, including photos and descriptions of the resolution. All of this can be done at the click of a mouse - no need to pick up the phone and call.

This unique feature allows you to...

  • Authorize repairs right from your exclusive online management portal
  • Receive real-time notifications of repair status
  • Receive before and after photos of the work performed
  • Track the service history and costs of repairs made

Your roof management portal allows you to keep tabs on the progress of repairs - from authorization to the confirmation of completion. Just one of many features available with our CRM - the Commercial Roof Management system offered exclusively by RTN Roofing Systems.


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Be Proactive!

What condition is your roof in? Your business is likely the most valuable asset you own, and your roof is there to protect not only the structure itself, but everything contained therein. New roofs are a significant expense, so it only makes sense to take care of the one you already have. Did you know that improperly maintained roofing systems are the leading cause of premature failure?

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